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About Us

Trust Starfire Designs to provide you with remarkable handcrafted jewelry. This company was brought to life by jewelry designer Charlie Wharton. Surrounded by the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, Charlie works hard in his studio to create custom pieces that help bring out something special in your outfit and smile.

A Chance to Design
Charlie Wharton worked for 25 years as a traveling wholesaler of clothing, first in menswear, then in ladies' apparel. While traveling with his wife, Jean, he proposed the idea of adding jewelry to his repertoire to increase clothing sales.

Having no experience in designing jewelry, Charlie originally planned to select stock at market, but Jean suggested they design their own. Now Charlie appreciates his much deserved recognition as 1 of the top jewelry designers in the U.S.

Caring for Your Jewelry
Starfire Designs wants you to properly care for your jewelry to ensure that each piece lasts for a long time to come. By using 1 part lemon ammonia and 1 part warm water, you can gently scrub the metal with an old toothbrush to help the piece keep its luster.

Rinse, pat dry, then using a hair dryer, continue to dry the water trapped inside the hollow balls of the crown to finish the cleaning process. You can also gently buff your piece using a polishing cloth for extra shine.

Charlie Wharton, Handcrafted Jewelry in Asheville, NC